Eat More Fish!

Eat More Fish

Are you traveling to a country where fish is on the menu every day? Places like Italy, Japan, Iceland or the Maldives are big fish-eating countries. And no wonder, with all of the sumptuous catches in the ocean waters.

Eating fish while on vacation will certainly make your stay there an interesting one. If you’re wondering how that can be, take a look at some points to ponder.

Heritage 🐠
Did you know that peoples in all cultures preserve their historic heritage through the foods they eat? In many countries, their history goes back thousands of years. Many of their modern citizens have preserved the heritage of their country by keeping specific foods in their everyday diet. When you participate as the natives do, they will embrace you.

Beverage 🐠
If you love a good glass of wine, what better accompaniment than a luscious fish entree? Many traditional diets in foreign countries contain seafood of all kinds. Let the locals make their best recommendations for you.

Relax 🐠
Mealtimes are the best times of the day in many cultures. You may eat and run, but learn to sit and take in the landscape that is all around you when on vacation. In some countries, meals go on late into the night, with plenty of wine and beer to go round.

Record 🐠
Become a foodie. Journal what you eat while on vacation and include pictures, especially of all those homemade meals. It’s an opportunity you won’t get again.

If you’ve never been a big fish-eater, now is your opportunity to see past what’s been holding you back. If most of the world eats fish and is healthier for it, why not see what you’ve been missing all this time? A vacation to a foreign country will help.