Be Open-Minded To Your New Culture

Be Open-Minded to Your New Culture

People who travel the globe are more open-minded than those who never leave their country. There’s proof from even the most ancient of travelers. Prejudices and a narrow-minded view of the world are washed away when you do a lot of traveling.

Ask any member of the military who has been on assignment overseas, and they will tell you that they now see other countries, and their own country, in very different ways. You will see the world differently when you travel around it.

💼 Travel changes you. That’s because you’ve gained knowledge that many of your stay-at-home family and friends don’t acquire. You’ve seen things in other countries. You may have experienced the kindness of people who may be ostracized at home.

💼 Many fears melt away. The news is great at making us afraid of what’s around the next corner, never mind a country deemed a volatile place to visit. Often, however, when you travel to different countries and are immersed in new cultures, you realize that they are nothing like the way they have been described to you by the media.

💼 Traveling makes you smarter. You’ll hone your problem-solving skills while traveling overseas. Living more on your wits, you will become more creative.

Being at home and doing the same things every day tends to keep us in a rut. Traveling opens not only our minds but broadens our perspectives on the world.

💼 Traveling can make you happier. Tolerance for other cultures is one of the best things you can develop. When you are in a foreign country, let the people who live there guide you. They will tell you what’s best about their home and what is meaningful to them.


Pay attention to what you see and hear while abroad. Travel with an open mind. You may well be pleasantly surprised by what you discover about the new culture and about yourself.